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Royal Purple

GT Automotive is the main Royal Purple distributor for the Louisiana and Mississippi areas. GT Automotive recommends Royal Purple premium synthetic lubricants for you because it is the most advanced synthetic motor oil available on the market.

Why use Royal Purple?

Royal Purple delivers superior protection and improves performance in gasoline and diesel engines with the following benefits:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Reduced engine wear
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced engine heat
  • Reduced emissions
  • Extended intervals between oil changes

Performance gains vary depending on the type of vehicle, overall condition of the vehicle, and driving habits.

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil beats all other motor oils hands down.

Royal Purple’s proprietary additive technology Synerlec® enables its products to outperform ordinary synthetic and conventional lubricants. Royal Purple’s Synerlec-enhanced lubricants respond to increased pressure with increased oil film strength, where other lubricants have been displaced. The result is less damaging metal-to-metal contact and wear.

Royal Purple offers engine oils for the gasoline and diesel vehicles that are under warranty, non-warranty, high mileage and racing applications including: SAE API licensed, High Performance Street (HPS), high mileage (HMX) and Extreme Performance Racing (XPR) in a wide range of viscosities.

Additional premium synthetic lubricants in the Royal Purple product line include: transmission fluid for manual and automatic vehicles, gear oil, steering fluid, break in oil, fuel system cleaner and stabilizer, diesel performance additive, octane booster, radiator coolant additive, assembly lube, motorcycle and marine products.

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Torco Racing Fuels

GT Auto is a distributor of Torco Racing Fuels. Torco fuels are specifically designed for the type of vehicle you are racing, allowing them to maintain very tight tolerances and thus provide peak performance for your engine.

Their fuels include:

Competition 100 and 108 are unleaded fuels for late model performance vehicles. The 108 will satisfy the demands of higher compression or unusually high boost.

Powersport 104 is an oxygenated fuel designed for motorcycles, go-karts, and any engine requiring 104 octane but looking to gain the benefits from an oxygenated fuel.

Hot Rod 110 and 112 are fuels for race engines up to 12:1 compression. Used for circle track, drag, marine, powersports, and more. The 112 is good up to a 14:1 compression, and was designed with a slightly higher anti-knock rating.

112 oxy works well for racing snowmobiles.

Torco 114 is for race engines under 550 cubic inches, and is naturally aspirated under a 15:1 compression.

Torco 116 is designed for engines with small displacement, extremely high boost conditions, or mild large displacement supercharged engines.

Torco 118 is designed for race engines above 550 cubic inches and above 15:1 compressions.

118 oxy is for racing 4 stroke snowmobiles.

118 NOS was designed for nitrous applications but is also perfect for blown and turbocharged engines as well. It offers faster flame speed necessary to complete the burn in high revving chambers.

Methanol is a pure clean grade of methanol used in drag and circle track racing.

Torco Nitro Methane is the best fuel available and powers pro teams in all forms of motorsports.

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